Maritime -Santa Barbara Stoked

Maritime -Santa Barbara Stoked

The woodgrain has natural purple and red coloring on the bottom. 

Handplane Model: The Rivermouth 

Custom Color Name:  “Newport” 

Dimensions:  7 3/4” wide X 11 1/4” long

Wood:  Poplar Wood

Color Materials:  Custom paint-stain that is moisture, UV and fade resistant

Handle: Genuine full-grain leather.  Custom dyed yellow, conditioned, finished and sealed.

Board Model Description:  The Rivermouth handplane is a slightly smaller version of the user-friendly Cove handplane. Named after the famous Rincon Rivermouth surf break, this smaller board gives you enhanced control when you’re transitioning from groomed walls to hollower shore-breaking waves.   We shaped the Rivermouth handplane to be fun and high performance.  It’s fast-planing surface and the shape of the nose helps you to cut smoothly through waves, while the progressive tail and concave bottom provide controlled stability.  A fun progressive board design, The Rivermouth’s been water-tested at beach breaks and point breaks in waves from waist high to a foot overhead.  

All handplane purchases include a custom handplane bag

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